Four Seasons of Tahoe Fun
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Lake Tahoe Activities
Lake Tahoe´s not the place to go if you want to just sit around—there is a wealth of things to do and see, whether they are centered on the dazzling lake itself or in the fabulously forested mountain environment that girdles the remarkably deep body of water. Whether winter or summer, water sport or land, there´s so much activity in, on and around the lake that you´ll have to come back again and again to do it all. (And if you just want to sit around near the lake, that´s OK too.)
On the Lake

Any activities list regarding Lake Tahoe must of course focus on the lake itself—and it´s an easy thing to focus on, considering its stunning mountain setting, the piercing clarity of its aqua and emerald depths, and its history of providing residents and visitors endless pleasures over countless years. The lake is a genial host to myriad aquatic activities, from swimming and beachside lounging to boating and waterskiing, and few visitors who visit its shores—or skim atop its gleaming waters—go away unsatisfied.

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Off the Lake

Summer and winter visitors have flocked to Lake Tahoe for many, many years, and its tourist infrastructure is well developed. Lodging ranges from the rustic to the elegant, and its selection of shops and restaurants also runs the spectrum from the funky to the fabulous. There are lots of sporting opportunities, as well as events and festivals throughout the year. And of course, you can´t forget the casinos. Even if you use the lake as just a scenic backdrop, there´s still plenty to see and do.

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In the Snow

The Tahoe area has long been regarded as a skier´s paradise, and that reputation has continued unscathed to this day. The area´s many ski resorts burst to life in the winter, with many offering all-inclusive deals that package your lodging and skiing. Whether you´re a Nordic or Alpine enthusiast, a snowboarder or a snowshoer, or a fun-lover that just wants to innertube down slick slopes, there´s fun in the snow waiting for you in Tahoe.

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